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Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions that you'll ever make. Avoid any regrets by getting a comprehensive property inspection from Labrador Home Inspection. We have over seven years of experience providing local inspection services in Loganville, GA and surrounding areas.

Our licensed, insured and certified specialists have helped save our clients millions over the years - and you can be next. We take great pride in our affordable prices, friendly customer service and unparalleled attention to detail. You can rely on us to put a complete report in your hands detailing every nook and cranny in your home.

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To say Labrador Home Inspection is a TOP NOTCH company is an understatement! I have had the pleasure of working with the owner/inspector, Jemere Nelson, on MULTIPLE properties. His reports are EXTREMELY THOROUGH. Not to mention, he gets them back to me SAME DAY! As a Realtor, I cannot tell you how VALUABLE that is in a market where due diligence in shortened significantly in order to win the bid.

On top of all of that, Jemere takes the time to walk my clients through every aspect of the home from top to bottom. He is not just an inspector, he is an educator! He literally TEACHES as he is breaking down his findings. It's amazingly refreshing to work with an inspector that is professional, competent, thorough, and personable. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Labrador Home Inspection-emphasis on HIGHLY!!

kamano 17

I highly recommend Jemere and Labrador. Jemere was a highly referred inspector by my agent. Jemere is prompt, thorough, amiable, and professional. We were able to schedule the inspection the very next day. He explains facts about the home and best build practices very clearly and offers great insight and recommendations. The delivery of the results is provided the same day and is in an easily digestible format including plenty of video and photos. Jemere was very kind to provide my agent and myself with gift baskets of chocolates and wines. It was so refreshing to receive such outstanding service!

Michael Jones

I am absolutely delighted we hired Jemere Nelson of Labrador Home Inspection LLC to inspect our new house. Let me start by saying, he was able to come to our new house within 24 hours of speaking to him. With the due diligence period being so short now a days, inspection availability is vital! He took his time and inspected every aspect of the house. His superior attention to detail and thoroughness is exactly what you need to discover underlying issues, problems that may not be on the surface but should definitely be addressed. We had the full report in our hands soon after he finished his inspection. He also walked with us throughout the house verbally telling us everything in his report. As a result of his inspection and report findings, we were able to negotiate a reduction in the sales price of our new house. I highly recommend Labrador Home Inspection LLC to anyone and everyone buying a house! Jemere Nelson is one of the best! You will not be disappointed!

Quentessa May

OMG...there isn't enough I can say about Mr. Jemere Nelson and his work. First let's start with his response time...On point! He didn't hesitate to contact me when I needed help immediately. He also worked around my schedule when I had an emergency at my home. Second...his professionalism - I could go on and on about his professionalism. Very polite, well spoken, timely and affordable. Lastly...his knowledge of homes is incredible. He keeps it real and honest with his clients. The report of the inspection is not your typical report. He has pictures, videos, summaries and suggestions on how and where to go for repairs. He will also do a walk through of the house with you when he is complete to show you close up the issues at hand. Jemere took no time getting the report back to me that same day...less than other home inspectors. I will continue to use and refer Jemere Nelson to everyone I know purchasing a home! Thank you again...see you on the next home inspection!!!

Danielle Stewart

Wish I could give Jamere Nelson 10 stars! His level of professionalism and business sense has been an excellent experience. We utilized Labrador Home Inspection services for selling our home AND purchasing a new one. He's very detailed and tech savvy. He recorded snippet videos for my family to view detailing his findings whether positive or questionable. He left no roof shingle unturned so to speak, haha. His thorough reports were written and sent over within hours.

If you are looking for an inspector that will be honest and transparent, Jamere Nelson w/ Labrador Home Inspection is your guy.

Gerald A. Lambert II

I first found Labrador Inspections because Jemere left his business card at an Opendoor property that I visited. What a great way to reach customers! When I gave him a ring, I was immediately impressed by the amount of time he took to speak with me on an intro cold call. He was very friendly and knowledgeable, as well as able to schedule me in quickly during a busy time in real estate.

Jemere's inspection reports are extremely thorough and easy to digest. He includes not only pictures, but also videos with narration and explanations of his findings. It's all accessible in a user friendly online portal that can convert to a PDF with a single click. I learned so much from his reporting, and still refer back to the report after closing and moving in. For first time homebuyers, Jemere's knowledge and patience were invaluable!

Long story short, we worked with Jemere not 1, but 3 times consecutively! The thoroughness of his reporting helped us navigate through two properties with severe hidden problems - deals we ultimately terminated - and instilled us with confidence when we finally found the perfect house.

Jemere is reputable, thorough, friendly, and so respectful and courteous. Can't recommend him enough!

Amanda Perdew

Labrador Home Inspection was a great choice in my home buying process! They were thorough, informative, and affordable. My inspector left nothing uncovered and made sure to give me specific details on what needed to be improved before my purchase so I could make an educated decision.

Cicily Cummings

Our inspector, Jemere Nelson, was so professional and insightful! He was very meticulous in his inspection and got our house's extensive report to us quite swiftly. He and this company were worth every penny, I would highly recommend!


I can't say enough good things about Labrador Inspection. Jemere was extremely thorough in his report and even included videos, extra notes and recommendations. He was also available to discuss the report afterwards. This report was very prompt like within an hour! He really saved us from buying something that would have caused issues later down the line. Thank you so much!

Tamika Jones

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